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11 Ways To Use Window Graphics To Drive Traffic

An ideal way to drive traffic to your business is using cost-effective, eye catching window graphics to increase your sales. This allows you to advertise both during and after business hours.

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1. Outshine your competition.

Use a colorful, impressive window graphic to compare your available services and products to help potential clients choose your over your competitor. Research your competition, pull your customers in with specials and promotions they may not have.

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2. Display your brand and logo proudly.

Make sure you have your store or business logo displayed, so that clients will get used to seeing this image and relate it to you and your brand. When choosing the colors for your graphic, look for ones that are consistent with your branding. The text you use on a window decal is only worthwhile if people can see it and remember it.

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3. Feature new products.

We all know that most retail and food purchases are made on impulse. These decisions come from what we see visually. Appealing window graphics can literally drive your sales overnight. New products can create some intrigue for consumers who have never stepped foot in your store before as well as for longtime repeat customers.

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4. Use promotional marketing.

They are ideal for start-up companies or those who might have restricted marketing budgets. You can display your company logo, hours, contact number, and services with low-cost window graphics.

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5. No Sign Permit Required.

Among the many reasons to install window graphics for your business is the fact that there are no sign permits to apply for required to add signage to your windows. Placing additional signs on your property would require some back and forth with your city or town officials, that can be easily avoided with window graphics.

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6. Use high-resolution images.

Large window graphics should look sharp and vivid, make sure they are high-resolution. For graphic art, use vector images, which can be resized without compromising quality.

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7. Make your message direct.

Customers are more likely to read shorter messages in their entirety than they are a ton of text on your window. Try to be as direct as possible, keep it simple and that may entice them to come inside for more details. Make sure you are using the best size, contrast and font for your window size.

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8. Direct customers to the right entrance.

If you use multiple doors as separate entrances into your building, you can use window graphics to help label these entrances. You want customers to know that you care about them and want to maximize their convenience and make their first impression a good one.

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9. Double the exposure

Double-sided window clings are made to be viewed from both the inside and outside of your building. The advantage is that there’s a lot to be gained from marketing your business to your customers inside in addition to consumers outside. You can use this for advertising upcoming sales, new products or events to motivate people to come back again.

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10. Attractively shield the sun.

Despite the view that you may have out of the window, a blinding sun can be a deterrent to customers and may reduce worker productivity. Instead, use the sun to your advantage. Use a window decal to shield eyes from the sun’s bright rays while making the colors on your window graphic pop and invite in new customers.

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11. Enhance your privacy

There are some instances when people passing by don’t need to see everything that goes on inside your business. Other times, there can be too many outside distractions that may upset your business’ balance. Use window graphics as a barrier to insure your privacy and display helpful advertising at the same time.

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