Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Service


The Digital Banners Plus graphic design team has decades of experience helping individuals and businesses to convey clear and powerful messages that get results.

Graphic design team members understand your needs and goals to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. As a result, they can work with your sketch or ideas to develop the creative layout for production. Consequently, they’ll incorporate creativity, branding, and clarity with appealing aesthetics for your brand.

We design for many assorted applications including:

Wide-format printing is available for any type of project. In addition, we can stitch multiple prints together. As a result, we can print your project as big as you need!

Our experienced, professional team will incorporate key design principles and highlight the stand-out facets of your image/brand. As a result, they can create one-of-a-kind designs that are sure to make your business stand out.

Graphic Design Team


Wide- or large-format printing refers to print jobs requiring devices that can use wider sheets than traditional presses – typically 24 inches or wider.

Most wide-format projects are done on our flatbed printer. It will handle up to 8 feet by 4 feet of material. Need something bigger? Our AGFA Jeti Titan flatbed printer can produce custom products up to 79 inches by 122 inches (6 feet by 10 feet) in surface area.

For giant-sized jobs, we have a banner roll-to-roll printer that can print up to 10 feet wide and indefinite lengths. By stitching multiple pieces together we can craft amazing custom-size jobs.


What image size and resolution do you need for my project?

Yard signs, vehicle wraps, and other items for “up close” viewing need to be printed at least 300 dpi (dots per inch). Billboards and other large signage can be printed at lower resolution since they will be seen from afar.

Submitting Vector or EPS art works best for your project. These file types feature “lossless” properties. Therefore, they can be scaled to any size while retaining all their original data or detail.

If you need to use a photograph in your design, an EPS/Vector file cannot be used. In this case, our graphic design team uses state-of-the-art technology to scale artwork and reduce pixilation as much as possible.

Using original photos without distorting pixel ratios will give best results. Resolution quality for close-up work is 300 dpi, and can be as low as 150 dpi for giant graphics like billboards. Photos off good camera phones are generally 76-180 dpi.

Not sure what all this means? No problem! Our graphic design team can help set up your file appropriately for whatever you need done.


  • Attention to detail by LOCAL staff means fast and easy edits or corrections
  • Pantone® color matching- This color standardization palette consists of over 1,000 colors. This system is critical in avoiding color inconsistencies between the various types of print and digital media.
  • Your master files remain safe in our system for repeat jobs, edits or corrections
  • Designs are always created with product material and installation in mind
Graphic design Service
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