Acrylic Signs & Standoffs

Acrylic signs are great for statement pieces, logo boards, and displays. You will see them used in offices, lobbies and business settings.

Acrylic is a generally glossy piece of rigid plastic. Similarly, when used in the clear from for glass substitute for windows, animal exhibits, and fish tanks.

As an acrylic sign product, it can be used clear or colored and can be printed on or etched into with text or artwork. It is generally used as a more premium product to other sign materials like wood or metal and it glossy or transparent properties make it much more versatile and a substitute for glass.

For example, common applications include logo branding at a lobby desk or statement wall. hallway market signage, name plaques or even with artwork mounted on the back.

The rigidity and glass-like quality without the shattering downside make it a very popular product in the sign industry to use for interior signage and art installations.

Acrylic signs are mounted single or more layers with standoffs onto another acrylic, wood, or metal substrates to make a unique looking sign.

  • Statement, or brand logo signs
  • Lobby information signage on walls
  • Indoor Wayfair signage
  • Building and apartment lettering

Standoffs are often used with acrylic signs as they provide finishing touches to a premium sign.

Standoff fixtures are not limited to acrylic, they can help secure any substrate to a wall or any combination. for larger signs additional standoffs are needed to secure the weight.

We have some of the most reasonable standoff prices and in many cases we can also install them for your office in San Antonio.

Standoffs come in various shapes and colors
Standoffs create space between one or more substrates
Stand-offs with LED lights add another element to signs

Let us know about your project.

Brown backing paper will be removed before mounting
Acrylic sheets come in various thickness
Acrylic comes in many colors and can be ordered on request.
acrylic signs with standoffs
Using both black and clear acrylic with standoffs to give the sign some depth.
Acrylic can be used for small signage as well