Acrylic Signs & Standoffs

Display Your Logo With Pride

Make a Statement with Acrylic Signs

Digital Banners Plus produces stylish acrylic signs for logo boards, brand statement pieces, and many other types of displays.

“Acrylic” is a glossy, rigid form of plastic that can be tinted any color or used clear. We can add text and/or artwork by printing on it, or even etching into it.

This versatile product is ideal for logo branding and can be used anywhere. Lobby desks, on a statement wall, as hallway marketing signage, or office name plaques are just a few uses.

Available in single- or multiple-layer formats, acrylic will work with another acrylic layer, wood, or even metal substrates. Consequently, you can build a sign with a truly unique look!

These options can be used for-

  • Brand logo and statement signs
  • Company information signage on lobby walls
  • Wayfinding signage for indoor or outdoor facilities
  • Apartment building and unit designation

Standoffs: Top-Quality Mounting Hardware

Standoff mounting hardware creates a three-dimensional display without the use of a frame. Secured through the sign, the screws mount it off the wall for a clean, professional look.

High-quality mounting options like standoffs will give your sign installation a premium finish.

Standoffs are available to mount many sign types. They can secure any type of signage to walls, doors, etc. Larger signs with heavier weight will require the use of extra standoffs.

At Digital Banners Plus, we’re happy to answer any questions that you have about acrylic sign production and mounting. Give us a call today!

Tell us about your project!

Standoff mounting hardware at Digital Banners Plus comes in many shapes sizes, and colors
Standoff mounting hardware comes in many shapes sizes, and colors
Standoffs - High Quality Mounting Hardware secures signs to walls giving a 3D effect
The hardware creates space between one or more sign layers
Standoff mounting hardware from Digital Banners Plus with built-in LED lights will brighten up your installation
Optional built-in LED lights to brighten up your installation
Backing paper is installed
We install backing paper to protect your acrylic until mounting
We stock acrylic sheets in various thicknesses to meet your needs
Custom-color acrylics can be ordered for your project on request
acrylic signs with standoffs
Installed with standoffs, these black and clear acrylic signs have an almost 3D effect
Acrylic signs with standoff mountings can be used in any shape or size configuration
Use acrylic signs with standoff mountings in almost any shape or size configuration

Acrylic Sign FAQs

Where can I use acrylic signs?

Acrylics can be used anywhere! For example- lobby desks, on a statement wall, as hallway marketing signage, or office name plaques are just a few uses.

How durable are acrylic signs?

Acrylic is stronger, more impact-resistant, lighter in weight, and will not shatter. For instance, an acrylic sign of 0.125″ thickness is 2 to 3 times more impact-resistant than double strength window glass.

Will my acrylic sign turn yellow in the sun?

Above all, our acrylic does not yellow in the sunlight. Used for protective canopies in World War II bombers, that material is still clear after more than 50 years in the sun.

Do I have to use standoff hardware to mount my sign?

No, standoffs are a high-quality mounting option. They will give your sign installation a premium finish, but are not required.

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