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Why wrap your food truck?

So you got a food truck! Now on top of all the fun cooking and selling your food you have to think about marketing and getting your look translated to the outside of your food truck. We are here to make that process quick and amazing.

Wraps enable you to cost effectively get your food truck off to a good start. Make your truck not only a rolling kitchen and store but an advertisement of your brand, products and contact information.


Design and branding are critical in food truck wraps. Getting your truck wrapped with your logo, contact info and social media is critical. Since you might not have space or time to make printed hand-outs or maintain a permanent location like a brick and mortar snack shop or restaurant for people to learn more about you, your messaging needs to travel on your truck.

Important things to keep in mind are both how the public views your truck when it is idle as well as when you are using it to cook or serve. Contact information and branding should always be visible – it is your billboard and your calling card all in one.

Our design team with work with your ideas to make the most unique and memorable food truck wraps that set you apart from the competition.

3D Elements

We are unique in San Antonio as we can work with you to not only wrap the truck but can add 3D objects and elements to make your truck truly unforgettable. We can provide lightweight, durable, weatherproof moldings to help pop your branding “off the wall” and make it less flat than traditional vinyl wraps complementing the wrap design even more. We will work with you to ensure your design meets driving and roadway rules for the state of Texas.

Food Truck Wraps


Food truck wraps are more cost effective and can be changed out more often. The whole ordeal of paint booth design, painting and clear-coat can cost a fortune. As your menu or products evolve your wrapping can be updated to support your goals and keep you from getting stuck in a rut with an old design forever.

Vehicle wraps offer great variety, they can also be laminated or come in matte, gloss or even reflective finishes that are eye catching and hard to accomplish with conventional paint jobs.


High quality vehicle wraps can be taken through soft-touch car washes or power washed. Vehicle wrapped printed products generally last 7-10 years with optimal care, but most people change them out every 1-3 years to keep them looking fresh and to update design and graphics. Vehicle wraps also keep original paint protected from the sun and elements so if you remove graphics before selling later it may increase resell value – the paint looks as nice as it was when you wrapped it despite the vehicle age or mileage.


At Digital Banners Plus we provide full marketing solutions so that you can use our services to focus on your product of cooking or selling. We have industry wide tools to provide you with the largest selection of services from signs, banners, flyers, posters, labels, packaging and apparel to get total, integrated branding accomplished at one source with consistency and speed. We want to build lasting relationships with our amazing and eclectic food community and will give you the best prices for quality products and services. We regularly “bundle” and discount prices for repeat and loyal customers.

food truck marketing solutions

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Benefits to food truck wraps:

  • Attractive and eye-catching
  • Fast application
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to update
  • Durable and easy to care for

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Some of our food truck wraps.

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