Posters and Mounted Boards

From Poster Board to Archival Paper-

We Print It All!

Digital Banners Plus prints high-definition posters on many different papers and boards for any type of need.
For example, we print on matte or gloss stock poster paper, Fomecore, Styrene, Dibond, Coroplast, wood, canvas, or most anything you may require.

Commercial Posters

We work with many nationwide businesses, creating posters that retain high-quality color and remain true to their branding.

  • Hospitals and clinics prefer Styrene because it can be wiped down and sterilized
  • Convention booths and other temporary events often order Fomecore because it’s very light, rigid, and doesn’t need a frame for use
  • Sports events and cinemas use prints on poster paper for their light boxes

Art Posters

We work with photographers, painters, and other artists to ensure accurate color tones and detail for fine art prints. Therefore, be assured that we will complete your project to perfection.


Printing on canvas adds extra detail, texture, and dimension to your graphics. It enhances your photo or artwork, giving a classic look, and allows for wrapping the image around edges. Consequently, our high-resolution image prints work well for marketing, art exhibits, museums, and galleries.

Large photo of girl printed on specialty canvas is gallery-ready
Photo printed on specialty canvas is gallery-ready!

Archival Paper

Archival, or museum-quality, papers are a blend of acid-free paper and special processing that keeps your artwork from yellowing or aging. As a result, your art or photos will last generations when cared for and stored correctly.

This paper is ideal for photographers and artists who have high-resolution master copies. For example, exhibitions have displayed archival paper prints. In addition, prints of photos and artwork on archival paper are regularly sold.

Over-Sized Posters and Boards

Outdoor Poster boards can be all-new or re-skinned by Digital Banners Plus
We can install new or simply re-skin existing poster boards

Digital Banners Plus can install new poster boards or re-skin your existing poster boards. Is your poster beyond the normal max of 4 feet by 8 feet? We can make jumbo poster boards in many sizes! For instance, we have installed large billboards, company signage boards, ranch sale, and realty boards.

Tell us about your project!

Digital Banners Plus Event poster printed on poster board
Standard-size poster board
Lightweight Foamcore semi-rigid poster board print by Digital Banners Plus
Lightweight Fomecore allows for printing directly to the surface and provides rigidity so no frame is needed
Digital Banners Plus DIBOND printed poster, durable enough for outdoor display
Printed poster on Dibond, durable enough for outdoor display
Digital Banners Plus Interior Room-Sized Signage and Posters
Room-Sized Interior Signage and Posters
Digital Banners Plus can make temporary walls made of PVC for advertising
Temporary wall made of PVC for advertising

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