Wall Wraps & Murals

wall wraps in lobbies

With the advent of wide format and printing costs becoming affordable, wall murals and “wraps” have become an alternative to hand-painted wall murals or graffiti.

For example, we use the best die-cast vinyl that does not leave glue or residue on walls and is easy to remove without peeling off paint, not everyone does.

The advantages of wall wraps are that they can be easily applied to may surfaces, are cleanable and more durable then paint to scuffs and scratches.

As a 3M approved installers, our staff are trained professionals and routinely improve their skills and keep their skill certification up to date.

Firstly, we take our time to get the wall wraps done right and prep walls so that your mural stays on for as long as you need it. It is not as simple as “putting stickers on a wall”. There are special products and prep to getting it done right. You want a wall end product that can last years.

Above all, our team’s experience and certification set us apart and you can see from our work. Also, our partnership with leading companies, ISD schools, city landmarks, and sports teams is proof of our commitment to adhere to the highest quality standards.

Wall Mural Uses:

  • Hallways, corridors, and lobbies
  • Children’s bedrooms, nurseries, and daycare
  • Hospitals and clinic’s waiting areas
  • Doors, doorways, and garage doors
  • Accent walls, “selfie walls”, backgrounds
  • Lettering, logos, motivational quotes,
  • Stencil and floral art

Let us know about your project.

Add a logo or text to an accent wall.
wall wraps on school walls
wall wraps for selfie walls
Murals can be just letters too that make a wall “pop”.
wall wraps can also be on doors
Make a door a point of interest.