Wall Wraps & Murals

Don’t Paint! Wrap Your Walls in a Custom Design

Wall Murals & Wraps

Digital Banners Plus Can Transform Your Space

Vinyl wall murals and decals are an affordable and durable alternative to hand-painted wall accents.

They can be easily applied to many surfaces, are easy to clean and resist damage much better than painted surfaces. They also allow you to use valuable square footage to your advantage!

Custom wall graphics can be used to reinforce your brand and to present logos, slogans, and key products. You can even decorate with your corporate colors on wall wraps or wallpaper.

Our process allows you to produce true-to-life landscapes, photographs, and art at a fraction of the cost and time required for hand-painted designs or murals.

As 3M-approved installers, our staff are routinely improving their skills and maintaining all certification requirements.

Wall Murals

Wall Murals & Wraps Uses:

  • Hallways, corridors, and lobbies
  • Children’s bedrooms, nurseries, and daycare facilities
  • Hospital and clinic waiting areas
  • Doors, doorways, and garage doors
  • Accent walls, “selfie” walls, backgrounds
  • Lettering, logos, motivational quotes
  • Stencils and floral art

Tell us about your project!

Wall Murals
Add your brand’s logo or tagline to make an accent wall
wall wraps on school walls
School hallways look great when upgraded with wall wraps
wall wraps for selfie walls
“Selfie” wall for souvenir pictures
When done correctly, simple vinyl lettering can make a giant impact
wall wraps can also be on doors
We can make a plain door into a point of interest with a vinyl wrap!
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