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Vehicle wraps are quickly becoming the most effective way that a company can advertise their business. Marketing studies show the excellent return on investment for even small businesses to have their vehicles wrapped.

Your contact and website information can be large and readable from afar. This means great exposure for your brand when in traffic, or even when your vehicle is parked on a busy street!

A large billboard near a highway can cost $10,000 per month for a single location. Digital Banners Plus vehicle wraps will promote your business all over town as it’s driven, and can last years.

What Makes a Good Wrap?

First, we start with high-quality 3M vinyl. There are “cheaper” alternatives available at some shops. However, these vinyls are not very durable, do not hold color well and can have destructive adhesive properties that will harm your paint.

We use only 3M printable film vinyl products and 3M’s recommended printing process. Consequently, your wrap will look great and last a long time.

We strongly recommend lamination of your vinyl wrap! Lamination adds a protective layer and UV protection, keeping your vehicle print like new for years. This means that not laminating will devalue the job and result in a shorter product lifespan with less-dynamic colors.

Can Anyone Wrap a Vehicle?

Over the years, Digital Banners Plus has found that wrapping is a skill that takes intense practice and training. Our team is highly trained and constantly held to the rigorous quality standards of 3M Graphics and the United Applications Standards Group (UASG).

What kinds of vehicles do you wrap, and what vehicle parts?

We can wrap almost any vehicle, from delivery vans to semi-trailers. Vehicle wraps can cover as much or as little as you need. Some popular options are

  • Full Wraps – Your brand’s unique colors and designs turn your entire vehicle into a rolling billboard
  • Lettering – Door decals or text uses contrasting-colored letters with your vehicle’s color as the base
  • Back Window Graphics– Your business info will stand out in traffic and at stop lights
  • Window Perforation – This film has tiny holes so the driver can see out, while people outside can still see your info displayed
  • Tailgate or Door Wraps – Another option is to wrap only the most viewable areas of your vehicle

Where to Start?

Request a no-obligation quote today! Our schedule fills up fast, so here are some tips for fastest service:

  • Please have vehicle ready at the agreed-upon time
  • Vehicle must be clean to allow for surface prep
  • Please drop off vehicle one day before scheduled installation, so that it can be acclimatized before prep

Vehicle Wrap FAQs

How will a vehicle wrap benefit my business?

Few marketing options are more cost-effective than a vehicle wrap. Audience views depend on where and when the vehicle is driven, and for how long it’s on the road. In a city like San Antonio, one vehicle on the road during a full workday will generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions each day. That is a LOT of potential customers!

Marketing studies consistently show the excellent ROI for business vehicle wraps. A large billboard near a highway can cost $10,000 per month for a single location. Vehicle wraps will promote your business all over town and can last years. They provide great exposure for your brand when in traffic, or even when your vehicle is parked on a busy street.

Are vehicle wraps durable enough to last?

We use high-quality 3M vinyl for all wraps. These wraps can be taken through soft-touch car washes or even power-washed.

Our vinyl wraps generally last 7 to 10 years with optimal care. However, most people update them every 1 to 3 years with new designs and graphics. For best results, adding protective lamination to your wrap will keep it bright and like new for years,

Isn’t it cheaper and faster to paint my vehicle?

Not at all! A vehicle wrap can be printed and installed in as little as 3 days, and costs less than half of a custom paint job. In addition, you can update vehicle wraps whenever needed, without the necessity for stripping and repainting the vehicle. Again, this saves time and money.

Are there any other benefits to wrapping my vehicle?

In addition to advertising your brand wherever it goes, a wrap protects your vehicle’s original paint finish. When it’s time to sell or trade the vehicle, you can simply have the wrap removed and the vehicle will be right back to its original color. When you remove the wrap, the paint looks exactly as it did when you had the wrap installed.

Time-lapse vehicle wrap installation with window perf
Fleet vehicle wraps make great mobile billboards, advertising your business everywhere they go
Lettering is a more economical option for fleet vehicles
“Window perf” gives people your contact info when in traffic, but can still be seen through from inside
“Tailgate Only” wrap makes your pickup truck a mini billboard
Even simple graphics on vehicle windows can convey your message wherever you go
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