Vehicle Wraps

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Vehicle wraps are quickly becoming the best way a business can advertise their business. Many times we get trucks or fleets companies have bought straight from the dealers as they do not want the trucks used without being wrapped and losing all that brand recognition.

Many marketing studies have been done to show the return of investment for small businesses having their vehicles wrapped. At a least have your contact info/website large and readable from afar. Great for being in traffic or parked on a visible street.

A large billboard near a highway can cost at least 10,000/mo, a vehicle wrap can last years, and you can drive it all over town.

What Makes a Good Wrap?

A good wrap starts with quality vinyl. Many shops use cheap off-brands or Chinese vinyl that is not made well and have destructive adhesive properties that will end up harming your paint or not hold color well.

Therefore, we use only 3M printable film vinyl products and they’re recommended color printing process to ensure your wrap is set up for success from the start.

Most importantly, we strongly recommend lamination of the vinyl, this not only adds a protective layer but also UV protection and keeps your vehicle print looking like new for years.

We have heard of other shops not prioritizing this step to save costs. Skipping this it only ends up devaluing the job and all the time, money and manpower it takes to do the wrap. Passing off an inferior/incomplete product is what we do.

Can Anyone Wrap?

There are many people who claim to be wrappers and offer bargain prices. Wrapping is an art and a skill that takes a lot of practice and training. You do not want to invest in the print and man hours to get it put on wrong or be someone’s test subject.

Our team is highly trained and constantly held to the highest quality standards of 3M and the United Applications Standards Group (UASG). We are a licensed and established business and put our reputation on the line doing this to the highest standard every day.

Where to Wrap?

Wraps can be as little or as much as you like. Some popular options are:

  • Full Wraps, adds unique colors/designs with your info that turns a vehicle into a rolling billboard.
  • Lettering, door decals or text adds contrasting letters using your vehicle color as the base.
  • Back window lettering (Cars) help people see your info in traffic
  • Window perforation is a film that has tiny holes so the driver can see out and people outside can see your info.
  • Tailgate or door wraps are also a way to just wrap the most viewable areas of your vehicle.
Where to Start?
  • Contact us for an estimate.
  • Scheduling windows are tight, so the vehicle must be ready on time.
  • Vehicle must be clean and arrive 1 day before work so it can get climatized before prep.

Let us know about your project.

Fleet wraps are great advertising, mobile billboards
Lettering is a more economical solution for fleet vehicles.
“Window perf” uses your windows to give people your contact info when in traffic.
“Tailgate Only” is great making use of what people will see in traffic. A mini billboard.
Some simple letters on your window so you don’t get paint fade but still can see out.