Window Clings and Privacy Films

Your Windows Can Make You Money!

Clings Use Window Space for Free Advertising

Many businesses have found the power of storefront windows in promoting their brand and products. Digital Banners Plus window clings and privacy films can turn unused space into powerful marketing!

Window Clings

Our window clings are made of a weatherproof material. They are available in any size or shape to conform to whatever coverage you need. This means that we can turn ANY door or window space into a promotion for your brand.

Use clings temporarily to draw attention for short-term deals or promotions. On the other hand, you can install them more permanently for longer-term use. We make window clings to cover entire windows and/or doors, as needed.

Double-Sided Clings

Get twice the impact from your window clings and opt for double-sided versions! With these clings, your message is visible from outside AND inside your business.

Perforated Clings

Clings made with perforated film carry the same message visibility as standard clings. The perforated holes make it so that people can see through the image from both sides.

Privacy Films

These films make excellent displays on windows or glass doors. They can be solid, have cutouts, used in a design, and/or include your branding.

In Conclusion

To sum up, Digital Banners Plus window clings and privacy films will turn your window space into powerful marketing tools. Made of weatherproof materials, they are available in any size or shape. Clings are available in single- and double-sided versions, perforated and solid.

Our creative design team can help bring your vision to life, and installed wherever you need. Call or email us today and we’ll show how we can help maximize your marketing presence!

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window clings on restaurant windows
As seen in the video- from blank and boring to eye-catching!
Window clings are useful for education
This library uses Digital Banners Plus films for privacy and decoration
Plain glass doors are interesting and informational with privacy film, text and designs
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