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How can vinyl banners be used in college and schools?

Custom designing an original school banner is one of the most effective ways to get – and keep – the attention of students, teachers, and parents alike. Using bold, colorful designs, and made from durable PVC, vinyl banners are perfect to advertise upcoming events, display student achievements and promote your school or college.

Ahead of the new academic year we have put together some of the different ways vinyl banners can be used in schools and colleges.

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Promote teams and clubs

As schools and colleges begin to welcome students back after the summer holidays, after-school clubs and teams begin to recruit new members too. Teams and clubs are a great way to get students involved in after school activities, promoting confidence-building and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.  Using vinyl banners to promote meeting places, new clubs, trials, and even proud achievements help to build a sense of community within pupils and staff alike.


Fundraising Banners

Important events such as fundraisers should be advertised for all to see.  You will want to make sure everybody within the school and community knows about the amazing events that are taking place by simply displaying a vinyl banner in and around the school grounds.  

Public Hygiene Announcements

To minimise the spread of coronavirus for both pupils and staff, official recommendations advise placing the following signage throughout your site. These are specific to education settings and will help your school or childcare facility implement the standard social distancing messaging as well.

For example, using yellow one-way system arrows displayed on vinyl banners will help pupils move through your school and help you implement your social distancing strategy.

These brightly colored signs, located every 5 meters or so, will help keep both students and staff at a safe distance during the busiest times of the school day.

Ever since the pandemic began, we’ve become more aware of the need to keep our hands sanitized. If your school or college have created hand sanitizing or handwashing stations, then using vinyl banners to direct students towards that area will help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Vinyl banners can also be placed within communal restrooms using child friendly messaging and graphical illustrations to reinforce the need to wash hands at every opportunity.

Your school may have a mask policy for students, staff, and visitors, so using a variety of vinyl banners strategically placed within main entrances and corridors will remind everyone of your mask policy. For maximum encouragement in following your school’s guidance, general hygiene roller banner can be strategically placed on each floor of your building too.


Open Day / Evening Banner

Preparing for upcoming School or College Open Days can be stressful.  With so much planning involved, it is easy to overlook the smallest of detail.  Vinyl banners help to create a welcoming environment for those attending.  You may decide to have banners located inside the building to guide students and parents to their destination, making the event run as smooth as possible.   

We create vinyl banners for all manner of reasons to be used within colleges and schools. If you have a message that needs to be promoted or reinforced, then please get in touch today and we will be happy to help advise on the best solution for your requirements.

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