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7 Amazing Uses For Wide Format Banners

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Do you ever wonder how some businesses do better than others? It could be location, content or just their way of advertising. Whatever your business or product may be, advertising with wide format banners can guide you in the right direction.

Here are a few examples of how they can grow your brand or business with just the right ad tools and placement.

Inspirations for Banners and posters

Marketing: Colorful eye-catching banners of the highest quality are popular tools to help boost brand awareness and visibility. Banner graphics can give you the opportunity to portray your products or business in a way that connects to the customers. They can also help your business become a brand name that people can recognize. 

Healthcare: Hospitals and doctor offices are the perfect place for wide-format signage. They can easily help direct their patients to information on available medical services, new products, updates and much more. Wide format banners can also be placed in emergency areas to help patients find the quickest path to receive medical attention.

Entertainment: Think about all of the signs you see when you visit your local movie theater or walk through a casino. Wide format banners can promote upcoming movies, concerts, live bands and special events in the area. Place banners in high traffic areas to promote to as many people as possible.

Real Estate: Similar to the signs that are used outside of a house for sale or open house, custom real estate banners can provide the business’ name, contact information, new listings and even market updates. Wide format banners can also promote open houses, builder events, and more.

Construction: From electrical engineers to interior designers, large banners with high image clarity are essential to get the job done right in the construction business. They can be used to advertise upcoming job sites, help needed and also company logos and contact information. When new construction begins somewhere, whether it’s residential or commercial, we are all curious about what is being built!

Restaurants: Wide format banners are the most visible communication tools in the food industry. Whether you own a chain of upscale restaurants or a four table coffee shop, they can bring you instant customers that might not typically stop in. A study found that over half of American consumers — 60% — have mistakenly driven past a business they were trying to find because of inadequate signage!

Inspirations for Banners and posters

Education: There are 51 million U.S. public elementary and secondary schools and more than 7,200 public universities. This explains why education uses a large amount of signage. Banners can be used for all sporting events, pep rallies, extracurricular clubs, school pride and honoring high-achievers. Nothing can showcase your school or campus like a well-designed wide-format banner!

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