Lower Cost, Faster Set-Up and Better Durability

High-Density Urethane (HDU) Monument Signs Do It ALL!

Tough, Durable HDU Signs

High-Density Urethane is a closed-cell foam that is waterproof, insect-proof and fire retardant. In addition, it is carved, shaped, painted, and machined just like a wood sign. However, it does not splinter while being machined

Your HDU sign is more durable against weather and storm damage. For example, it will not split, crack or rot when exposed to the elements.

Digital Banners Plus HDU monuments also utilize PolyArmor™ coating. Engineered for long-term durability, this hard-coat system offers unmatched impact resistance.

Endless Custom Design Options

We have more than 50 monument sign templates available for customization to suit your needs.

If you need something other than the templates, we offer a wide range of custom options for textures, lettering, logos and shapes. However, creating your custom design from scratch may take us additional time.

Please fill out the form on this page. We will give you an estimate for your custom sign within one business day!

NO foundation, NO masonry, NO missing fascia bricks over time
NO foundation, NO masonry, NO missing fascia bricks over time

Sign Construction

We construct our HDU monuments out of industrial-grade polyurethane foam. After that, they’re coated and painted to match your desired look. This means we can make brick, wood, and other textures faster, cheaper and more easily than using the actual material.

We complete all design and fabrication at our facility before delivery to your installation site.

Some Benefits of HDU Monument Signs

  • Available in any shape, size, and color to match your brand
  • Easier and cheaper to install than traditional signage
  • Easy to customize with faux stone, brick, concrete or wood accents
  • Highly durable structure is weather and hail resistant, insect- and rot-proof

Digital Banners Plus HDU Sign Templates

Sign Installation and Lifespan

A traditional monument sign requires a concrete foundation. After that, an installation of brick, steel or wood framing supports the sign. Installation usually requires bricks and mortar, cranes and construction tools.

This process takes days or weeks and involves one (or more) contractors, building permits, and regulations.

Digital Banners Plus HDU monument signs are designed and fabricated off-site. We then transport to your site and install it. As a result, the whole process takes mere hours..

Installation is usually in one piece, depending on your lettering options. It will easily outlast wood, concrete or brick signs. We guarantee our monuments for 5 to 7 years, depending on your design.

Cut-away of the build quality and durability of an HDU monument sign
Cut-away of the build quality and durability of an HDU monument sign

Uses For HDU Monument Signs

  • Churches, Banks, Corporation Buildings
  • Business and Shopping Centers
  • Restaurants and Event Centers
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Apartment and Residential Communities
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Sample HDU Monument signs

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