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Monument signs and landmarks without the mess

Why HDU monument signs

Our HDU monuments, or as others say, “Can’t believe it is not brick or metal” signs have a lot of advantages. Single form structure helps it be more durable, and the use of PolyArmor™ makes it more durable to weather and storm damage. It is light-weight and does not need bricks and mortar, cranes or most construction tools.


We have 56 monument signs that are a great way to start and can be customized to suit your needs and look. Custom designs can be done but may take a little longer. Fill out the form on this page and we will give you a custom estimate in 24 hours.

Custom Elements

We can provide a wide range of custom options for lettering, logo’s and signage. Whether it is a branded monument or a multi-name sign to make your monument sign to your color code or each brand’s specifications and needs within your desired code.

HDU Monument Signs
NO foundation, NO masonry, NO missing facia bricks over time

USES FOR HDU Monument signs:

  • Corporations, Banks, Churches
  • Business Parks
  • Business and Shopping Centers
  • Restaurants and Event Centers
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Apartment and Residential Communities
  • and any business wanting visibility


HDU monuments are crafted out of industrial-grade foam polystyrene. This is then coated and painted to match your desired look. We can make brick, wood, and other textures more easily than it is to get the actual products and try to make it from scratch. Brick walls often loose bits of stone, wood gets rot and steel shows rivets and dents quite easily. HDU stands up to outside elements much better.


A traditional landmark sign needs a concrete foundation, then bricks, steel or wood framing to accomplish your desired effect, this can take days or more to accomplish with one or more contractor, permits, and regulation. Our design and fabrication is all done off site and is transported and installed on your site in mere hours. Since it will be mostly one piece (depending on you lettering options) this stays together and weathers better than concrete or brick signs. We will guarantee our monuments for 5-7 years.

HDU Monument Signs
Demonstration of the durability of a HDU monument sign

Benefits of HDU Monument signs:

  • Any shape, size, color to match your corporate look
  • Customize to fit backlit signs, LED boards
  • Faux stone, brick, concrete or wood accents
  • Weather and hail resistant, no dents or rotting

View our monument sign templates

HDU Monument Signs

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Some of our monument signs.

Demonstration of how easy instalation is vs. traditional brick and mortar


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