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Custom Graphics and Magnets for Your Car

Custom graphics and magnets for your car are growing in popularity every day. Many cars on the road now feature promotional graphics. From company logos and phone numbers to websites and social media sites, these rolling advertisements are seen everywhere.

A company or personal vehicle is a great way to advertise for little cost. Your vehicle is already on the road. Custom graphics will market your brand to everyone who sees it! As a result, this makes for a very effective and cost-efficient form of marketing.

Rear Window Decals
Vinyl window decals

Custom graphics for your car come in several varieties-

  • Decals attached to the car body or glass
  • Vinyl graphics wrapped on the body and/or glass
  • Vinyl graphics printed on magnets that attach to your car, usually on doors

Custom Magnetic Graphics

Magnetic graphics are perfect when you need graphics that are not permanent. Removing the graphics is simple, and they are just as easy to put back on. Consequently, you are able to update or change your graphics anytime and anywhere.

Custom graphics and magnets leave a strong impression on other drivers. An attractive full-color graphic on a vehicle in front or beside you is difficult to miss! In addition, everyone who passes your vehicle when parked will see your message.

Color is Critical

Color combinations are important when designing vehicle graphics. Bright colors that stand out and complement each other are very effective. Red and orange both stand out and leave a vibrant impression. On the other hand, blues and greens are considered to be soothing colors. These might be suitable for a massage therapist or a company selling candles.

Ordering is Easy

Custom graphics and magnets for your car are easy to order! Digital Banners Plus specializes in graphics for cars and has an online editor to make the order process simple. In addition, we have graphic designers that can assist you in developing eye-catching graphics for your vehicle that will complement your brand.

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