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Start Your New Year with a Marketing Push

Include Printed Pieces in Your 2020 Marketing Strategy

The New Year brings many marketing opportunities for small businesses. Megastore Printing’s online services are the fastest and easiest way to get the maximum return for your printing budget. We can help make it easy to start your New Year with a marketing push!

Print Builds Trust

With all of the marketing options available, print may seem outdated or unimportant. However, printed materials continue to remain the most trusted source of information. Recent surveys show that customers are more and more wary of “fake news.” As a result, less than 35% felt that social media news stories were trustworthy. On the other hand, over 50% trust news that they read in printed newspapers. Marketing with print is a way to build on the trust you’ve already established with your target audience.

Besides being more trusted, print marketing has a much longer “shelf life” that digital formats. Your customers’ awareness for a piece of direct mail is active for an average of 17 days after they receive it. However, digital advertising gets scrolled past and is never seen again.

Another way that print marketing lasts longer is in customers’ memories. Studies show that reading comprehension tests on printed material score much higher than digital versions.

The Digital Transition

More companies are seemingly moving away from print marketing. Not only is it much more effective for you to use digital and print marketing together, those going to all-digital leave the print channel open for you.

A recent study reported just one out of three businesses using print in their marketing efforts. Consequently, print marketing has less competition than other channels. Print marketing also provides more details, is more noticeable, and provides a break for your audiences from all the digital “noise” that they get online.

Integrate Print into Your Strategy

Integrating print into your marketing strategy works across multiple channels.

  • Print reaches your customers where/when they are offline
  • Digital marketing gets your brand/message in front of them when they are online

These strategies complement each other very well. Therefore, consider using a multi-channel marketing approach to your strategy. Assuring that your messaging is clear and consistent across all channels is critical. Doing so will help your audience remember your message, as they see it repeated in many places.

Thompson Mail Services

Once you have finalized your marketing strategy, we can assist with all your printing and direct mail needs. Online print ordering is available through Megastore Printing, or by phone at Thompson Print Solutions.

When your printing is complete, Thompson Mailing Solutions can assist with direct mail. Our mail-processing facility uses the latest technology to perform your mailing and fulfillment needs. We maintain a close relationship with the U.S. Postal Service at a local and regional level. This keeps our technological systems updated to meet all requirements of the ever-changing postal environment.

You will also have the advantage of postal savings and efficiencies from our expertise and experience. Our professional staff is here to prepare your letters, postcards, periodicals, and any other object you need mailed.

To Sum Up
  • Print Builds Trust – over 50% of customers trust news that they read in printed newspapers rather than online
  • Your customers’ awareness for a piece of direct mail is active for an average of 17 days after they receive it
  • Using both digital and print channels to reach your audience is much more effective than using them separately
  • Thompson Mailing Solutions can assist with any of your direct mail needs

We can help make it easy to start your New Year with a marketing push, from design, to printing, to mailing. Your marketing strategy, with digital and print working side by side, will give you excellent, consistent results.

Contact us today and let us bring your marketing plan to life!

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