Window Clings, Perf & Privacy Films

You might have noticed many restaurants and retailers have started using window clings, large poster like stickers on their windows. They realize the power of free advertising on their windows.

Where once they may have had case displays now they partially cover their coveted window real-estate with larger images of their products. They realized they can make a hamburger or jewelry look larger or more desirable from afar with a window cling.


Think of clings as postcards or posters that can stick temporarily on your window to draw attention for deal or promotion without a frame or hardware and is weatherproof.

Clings to not need to conform to paper sizes, they can be much larger and cover whole windows or doors for more long-term installations.

Double-Sided Clings

Double sided clings are used when you also what viewers on the other side of the glass to see a deal and not just a backwards or white shape. This allows you to market both sides on one product/ install for twice the impact.

Perforated Clings

Window perf film is the same as clings but has perforated holes so that people on the other side can still see out, the same way as car window perf.

Privacy Films

Window coverings do not only have to be advertising. Many time business will use them for logos or for privacy films on windows or glass doors. It can add design elements or branding

Tell us about your window cling project:

window clings on restaurant windows
Keystone School uses their window clings to educate.
Schaefer Branch library uses films for privacy and decoration.
Take boring glass doors and make them interesting