USA Frame and Stakes

High quality, durable sign frames and lawn stakes

USA Frame and Stake

USA Sign And Stake are some of the best products for their price. Made from 100% recycled plastic they are durable and light-weight. These sign frames and lawn stakes are ideal for realtors or small business that want a light and portable frame. They can be easily stored in the back of a car or truck without worrying about screws, sharp corners or rusty metal damaging your car seats. While a steel frame with a rider for an “open house” weighs 12 lbs or more, the Step Frame with rider clip weighs only 2 lbs.

Spider stakes are a very popular to replacement for the very flimsy wire H stakes that tend to bend and get blown away. Spider stakes do not bend with wind conditions and are more stable in the ground due to one large spike with a foot step that allows for forceful ground penetration – reducing the risk of your sign falling over or blowing away.

Product Info

Due to the popularity of these items, we try to have them in stock for pickup. If you would like signs for them as well it will usually take two days. to check availability visit the product and sign size and place an order.

File Support

Upload your artwork for this poster if you have it. If you will send it to us via email or in another way please leave it blank.

Accepted file types are .PDF, .PSD and .JPG

Please allow .25″ for bleed and cropping. – certain frames might have different, specific guidelines so that your art is not covered by framing – follow them as directed. If your image artwork is two-sided please include all of the artwork in one file or a ZIP file.

How To Order

1. Choose your product.

2. Upload your design or work with our designers to create your signage.

3. Check out.


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