Custom outdoor signs

Brand awareness is extremely important for any business in order to grow and be competitive in the market. Placing an outdoor signage is part of the brand awareness process to attract more customers and highlight your product or service. Advertise your space and promote your company with a professional outdoor advertisement that will set you apart from the crowd. Your eye-catching outdoor signage is one of your most important marketing tools. There are several types of outdoor signs to choose from that will fit any company’s needs. At Digital Banners Plus, we produce many kinds of outdoor signs, from yard and sidewalk signs to architectural and real estate signage.

And don’t forget your vehicles! Custom vinyl vehicle graphics serve as moving billboards and, when parked outside of your event or business, also draw your customers’ eyes.

Printed Banner BANNERS

Banners are the most versatile advertising customizable for any type of event. Individuals or companies can create a custom design and graphics on a vinyl outdoor banner to promote their event or highlight their brand. It is a cost-effective marketing tool to get your message or brand out there in a big way. We produce virtually any size banner on a number of vinyl grades to fulfill your needs. Banners are easy to install, easy to maintain and weather resistant.
Hemming, heat-sealing, framing, grommets and installation can also be provided.

Outdoor Flags FLAGS

Flags are a great way to promote events or promotions in an airy outdoor setting. They are eye-catching and enticing advertising that makes a big impact on customers. Fabric or mesh provide a lighter and less imposing presentation than vinyl and can be just as durable. There are different styles, shapes and sizes to choose from that will fit any event. Perfect for stretching across roads, hanging in flag frames and bedecking entranceways. Also available with a teardrop or feather stands and hardware for realtors, car dealers and more.


You want to promote your event, service or campaign in your community? Yard signs are a great way to advertise for a small amount of money. They are more versatile and give you visibility. A well-designed and placed yard sign will get more attention for an increased awareness of your campaign. Coroplast (corrugated plastic) outdoor yard signs with metal H-stands are a popular way to advertise open houses, yard sales or company promotions. The “fluted” plastic creates an easy and inexpensive marketing tool.


Window decals are a great value when changing up the look of your display windows or promoting new and seasonal deals or events. Window decals are a flexible vinyl or plastic that has a very smooth coat and will stick to a clean glass surface or use the moisture in the air and on the glass to adhere to the surface. Let us help you design and create a custom striking decal for your business window that will provide you the flexibility of swapping your advertisement as often as you want. Decals are printed in full-color. Die cut available with easy removal backer. Installation available.


If you are looking for an outdoor advertising that will make a big impact, ranch signs and outdoor billboards are a great way to get noticed by commuters. Billboard ads are hard to miss and if used correctly, they make a huge statement. They are a great marketing tool that provides the opportunity to put your name out there and make a lasting impression. We provide a number of products from vinyl banners in a frame to solid boards printed directly onto e-panel, steel, wood or coroplast depending on your needs.


Already have your signage made but don’t have the stands to support it? We can provide any type of sidewalk sign or print a new cover for your existing signs. Backlit signs are popular for low light or nighttime marketing in outdoor settings. Essentially, your signs will be visible 24/7 and be able to attract your customer’s attention with beautiful lights that guide them to your services. We can provide posters or vinyl that works in backlit lightboxes or frames.

Outdoor realty for sale sign REALTY AND FRAMED SIGNS

Realty and yard signs are great outdoor display products to promote your business, contact information or listing. As a realtor or real estate company, you want your ad to represent who you are and lure as many interested buyers as possible. We can provide high-quality signs in e-panel (strong aluminum composite material), aluminum or coroplast (corrugated plastic sheet) in vibrant colors. Pantone color matching is available for perfect logo reproduction. Custom matching riders and frames can also be provided in the dimensions of popular realtor brands. You can choose from the different display products and design styles that fit your requirement. To learn more about reality signage, please contact Digital Banners Plus.


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