Bushlan® Camo Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Bushlan® camo was designed by professional wildlife biologists to meet your varied concealment needs regardless of where you roam. Bushlan® incorporates nature’s own shape disruptive principles into its own clothing. The use of realistic leaves, stems and open areas gives it a three-dimensional appearance. The proportion of light to dark areas is just the right mixture to break up a solid form. By highlighting the solid shapes with brighter colors as actually found in nature, Bushlan becomes the most effective concealment camo available.

Green Bushlan Camo


Brown Bushlan Camo



Bushlan® Camo Pricing

By the Yard

24″ Wide Vinyl
48″ Wide Vinyl


Standard Pickup

(Ford F-150, Chevy 1500, Dodge Ram 1500)

Dual Cab Pickup
Crew Cab Pickup

*Installed pricing above is a guideline only. Please contact Digital Banners Plus for an exact quote.

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