HUD Foamcore Signage

Durable 3D signs and objects

What is HDU?

HUD is industrial-grade sign foam and is the most reliable and enduring material on the market for dimensional sign making, environmental graphics, 3-D displays and model making. This proven, high-density urethane (HDU) foam board delivers exceptional versatility and outstanding value. Whether carved, routed, sandblasted or machined, it is ideal wherever a uniform, grain-free, dimensionally stable material you desire.


The design of your HUD sign can be composed of one or more elements bringing a unique look and feel that you require. Since we initially craft out of foam sculpting wood grain, stucco, and other textures are not a problem.

The advantages of an all-HDU sign are that it is all one piece and will not crack or separate unlike other layered and glued signage options. It all one object crafted with woodworking tools and spray coated uniformly to stand the test of time.


HDU signs are ideal for outdoor as even in their unfinished state are impervious to rot, cracking, warping and flaking, unlike a wood or steel signage. Once treated with proprietary PolyArmor™ coating it is weather-proof for years regardless of Texas heat or hail storm damage.

Uses of HDU signage

The uses are endless for HDU signage as it is very versatile and light-weight so it is ideal for stand-alone signage or mounted to our larger monument signs or directly onto buildings.


High-quality HDU signs need little care but can be power washed or sprayed with anti-mold cleaner if placed outdoors in humid conditions or on the ground. Depending on the texture of your sign’s finish (wood grain, stone, lettering etc) this may be easier or not. repainting may need to take place after many years outdoors.

Benefits of HDU signs:

  • Attractive and made to look like wood, brick or stone
  • No wood, steel or materials that deteriorate or rust
  • Treated with PolyArmor™ for lasting durability
  • No warping or separation

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Some HDU signs.

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