Custom Transportation Wraps

Your Wheels, your Way

Custom wrap colors

3M makes a great assortment of colors and textures for making your car, truck, SUV, bike, ATV or golf cart more unique than the OEM paint color that everyone else has. It is of the utmost importance that you use the best quality products and service shop like ours that do not treat your vehicle like a company fleet vehicle, more high-end cars and bikes need much more of a “white glove” approach than just putting stickers on things like most sign shops that do wraps.


Kit Graphic installation

There are a number of kit wrap makers like Bushlan and Realtree that are popular wraps, we recommend only buying from official outlets as some vinyl on the market or purchased on the internet can actually harm your clearcoat and vehicle value or do not apply correctly. They are just not worth the savings and we may turn down your job as we cannot vouch or guarantee jobs with an inferior product.


Decals and stripes

We can add texture or effect trims, decals or race stripes to make your vehicle more personal and more your personality. This is also good for tribute or commemorative decals on the back glass for a loved one or to give to someone as a gift.


Custom designs

We can provide custom prints, our designers can work with you to make something truly unique, standout and one of a kind from design to non-repeat camo patterns. Designs can be stencil decals like flames or non-trademark infringing logos and emblems, full-color prints or a mix of products to accomplish ghosting effects.


Rims and Parts

Rims are fast becoming a popular area for customization whether wrapping or water dipping. Vinyl wrapping provides a good way to see how you will like a wrap and easier to change it without removing the tire like you would for water dipping. Popular is using the extra wrap from the vehicle wrap to make it match your new ride or another color that you can’t get from custom rim shops to be truly one-off. Other parts like mirror backs, grills and handles can be wrapped to match or “chromed-out” with chromed vinyl like silver or gold to add some “bling” to your ride.


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