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Your Billboard on Wheels

Vehicle wraps are becoming the must-have for small to medium businesses, as the reach achieved is unmatched by that of TV ads and print marketing. Company and fleet wrapping is so popular that car dealers are now only selling cars and trucks in limited colors expecting purchasers to wrap them if they want anything other than stock colors like white, black or red. The #paintisdead movement’s continued growth shows that it is not letting up. If you have a company car, wrapping options are a smart thing to consider.

What is the best company car wrap for me?

Full Wrap

Company car wraps generally use the maximum space of the car or truck to be a mobile billboard for company branding. We can work with a provided design or collaborate with you to develop one that makes the most of the vehicle’s shape and body lines so that it is clear and visible from all directions.

company-wrap-fullWhile the full wrap gets lots of buzz for being the all-out, full-commitment marketing tool there are other options to consider as well.

Window Perforations

There are window graphics with small holes that allow visibility for the driver and passengers to view their surroundings while viewers outside of the vehicle see the advertisement which usually includes contact and website information. Window graphics are legal in most states for the rear and passenger windows. The most common window perforation comes in 40% or 60% visibility. Consult with your local state DMV for rules and restrictions in your area.

company-wrap-window-perfHalf Wraps

Partial wraps are popular with people who do not want their whole car covered in a wrap. The most common applications are on doors, back hatches or wave-like partial wraps that cover the lower part of a car or truck leaving the other parts the original manufacturer color. One consideration for half wraps is that they are a less permanent solution as they might lead to color fade and color differences between the wrapped and unwrapped vehicle areas when left for a long time.

company car wrap


Decals add information on top of your car color. They generally an older way of doing things and not as cost effective as printing on a wrap and utilizing the whole door but are appropriate for particular jobs. Decals are harder to remove and the color fade is usually more pronounced when letters are removed. Used for Department of Transportation (DOT) numbering and contact information etc., decals can also be applied as a large sticker or magnet for truck doors, fleets or contract work vehicles.

company-wrap-decalDoor magnets

While not a wrap, door magnets are another option for vehicle marketing. Magnet graphics provide a simple and temporary way to display information. They are often used by part-time realtors and contract workers who want the versatility of seasonal and easily removable advertising. Durable magnets will last years – be aware that some cheap online options do not use strong magnets and can fall off when the car or truck goes over bumps or travels in bad weather conditions. Make sure your purchase is smart by getting the strong, durable magnets that will be a long-lasting investment.


Care and Conditions

Wrapped cars can be sent through soft-touch and tunnel car washes. If the vinyl edges have been sealed correctly they will last for 3-5 years depending on the vinyl product. Removal may damage your clear coat if left on too long, exposed continually to harsh weather conditions or if cheap vinyl is used. 3M controltac is the best for minimizing this damage, as it is pressure sealed and does not use strong adhesives. Make sure your installer is using premium products to give you both that lasting finish and to maintain your vehicle’s life after wrap.

Wrap Once, get visual exposure Indefinitely

Unlike other marketing tools that you have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription for exposure, wrapping can be a one-and-done marketing solution.

What $20,000 gets you in advertising

Direct Mail Postcards = 20,000 views
Value Pak type mass mail = 600,000 views
Two months advertising on 5-7 buses = 600,000 views
One month advertising on billboard = 700,000 views
10-20 radio ads over 6 weeks = 900,000 views
One wraped vehicle over a year = 8.4 million views

Benefits of Company car wraps:

  • Attractive, rolling,  free media exposure
  • Fast application and cost-effective
  • Easy to update your logo or company branding
  • Durable, easy to clean and protects you OEM paint

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