Canvas Prints Make Great Holiday Gifts!

Canvas Prints Make Great Holiday Gifts!

Whether displaying a favorite art print, family vacation pictures, or a timeline of school photos, canvas prints are an eye-catching way to show off your favorite photos. It enhances your photo or artwork, gives a classic look, and allows for wrapping the image around edges. Our high-resolution image prints work well for marketing, art exhibits, museums, and galleries. In addition, canvas prints also make great gifts!

Printing on canvas adds extra detail, texture, and dimension to your graphics. As a result, it allows for personalization of holiday gifts.

What Is A Canvas Print?

A canvas print is an image printed from an inkjet printer onto a sheet of canvas that matches the size needed. After printing, the canvas is stretched onto a backing frame. Once mounted on the backing frame, the piece is ready for hanging unframed or can receive an outer frame.

We use the gallery-wrapping technique to create an unframed canvas print. The printed canvas then gets secured to the frame after being wrapped around the stretcher bars.

Unframed Vs Framed Prints

Unframed canvas prints are very versatile when decorating a wall. They fit in with any décor, and they add vibrant splashes of color or accents to any space. In addition, mixing them with framed photos and prints will tie into the room’s décor or theme.

Wall art that is unframed, or having a simple black border frame, concentrates attention on the artwork or photo. More stylized frames can bring out the character of the photo and enhance the furniture and room décor.

Canvas Material Construction

Our canvas fabric is a high quality poly-cotton blend with a matte finish and has been optimized for printing on our digital printers. The material is

  • 21 mils thick
  • Up to 76 inches wide by 150 feet long

Polyester prints are more vivid, while cotton prints are longer lasting. Many consider cotton prints higher quality, but yields bold and colorful prints. Our poly-cotton blend offers the best of both types.

What Sized Original Photo is Needed for Printing?

The larger the print size, the higher-definition the original photo must be. For best results, your file must be five megapixels or higher. Using a file size that is too small will result in the image becoming pixelated or blurry when used for larger print sizes. Our professional design team can help you make sure that your image is the needed size, and answer any questions that you have.

Multi-Panel Canvas Wall Art

Multi-Panel Art Makes Any Wall Pop!

Digital Banners Plus can turn your image or artwork into a multi-panel display. These decorative panels can create a room’s theme, or add depth to an existing look.

We can make wall panels in almost any size and design that you can imagine! These panels are the perfect, affordable way to enhance any living space. Our vibrantly hued inks are printed on high-quality canvas and then gallery-wrapped over a wooden frame.

Canvas wall-art pieces are simple to mount on any wall, whether singly or as a set. They are easy to re-position or move from room to room. Consequently, updating your decor is as simple as deciding what to move where!

In Conclusion

The many formatting and personalization options available for canvas prints allow you to make a truly unique Holiday gift.

  • Digital Banners Plus can turn any image or artwork into a single- or multi-panel display
  • Printing on canvas adds extra detail, texture, and dimension to your graphics
  • Canvas prints fit in with any décor, and they add vibrant splashes of color or accents to any space
  • Display either unframed or framed
  • Prints can be as large as 54 inches wide by 150 feet long

With these multiple options, you can tailor your canvas print to any location or person. As a result, canvas prints make great gifts!

Contact us today, and we will get your project finished to perfection!

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