Six Advantages of Installing Car Wraps in San Antonio

Decals have been used on commercial vehicles for many years. Most people have seen signs that ask motorists to report unsafe driving to the phone number provided on the vehicle. This proved to be a very effective method for companies that focused primarily on safety. Today, businesses are able to use the same techniques to market their company with custom car wraps in San Antonio. A vehicle wrap can cover all or part of the car and the goal is to draw attention to the signage in order to bring in new business.

The best Car Wraps in San Antonio use high-quality materials that are resistant to sun damage and won’t harm the finish on the vehicle. In fact, when a company chooses an experienced provider, they can rest assured the wrap won’t damage their warranty or reduce the resale value of the car. Although the wraps stay secure on the vehicle, they can be removed easily without causing any damage to the paint. Because this is such an effective form of marketing for a local business, entrepreneurs shouldn’t shy away from it for fear they’ll damage their car. Simply find a company that has a strong reputation installing Car Wraps in San Antonio and trust they will do a fabulous job.

Small business that don’t have a storefront to erect a sign need a way to advertise to the public as well. There are several benefits to using vehicle signage as an option:

  • San Antonio vehicle wraps are an affordable way for a small business to advertise to a lot of people. While online advertising and social media marketing have the potential to reach a lot of people, it’s much easier to ignore those ads than it is to ignore a brightly colored vehicle wrap. People will see the car on the road and in parking lots. Since the contact information will be clearly displayed, it will be easy for them to take a picture or write it down for future reference.
  • Wraps give a business instant credibility. When a driver gets out of a car wrapped in a vehicle advertisement, people will listen to their message. They might pass out coupons, product samples or business cards. It’s not uncommon for potential customers to approach a car to talk to the driver about the business.
  • Vehicle wrapping is effective for any kind of business. Real estate agents, lawyers, ice cream shops, hair salons and just about every imaginable business can benefit from the exposure they’ll get from driving around in a wrapped vehicle.
  • The wraps are completely customizable so no two need to be alike. Companies can choose different banners for each car in their fleet or use the same one for consistency. Business owners can create their own designs in house or outsource this to a marketing agency. The installer can help a company choose the best way places on the car to put the advertisements so they will get the most visibility. Whether they are places on the windows, sides or back of the car, vehicle wraps are very effective.
  • People today are inundated with advertising. Only the most innovative ads are going to attract their attention. Although the majority of people will scroll past ads on their social media pages and ignore sponsored links on Google, they can’t help but notice a car driving down their street wrapped in an advertisement for a business. This unique approach to advertising is still in its earliest stages so potential customers are not immune to it yet. Therefore, it has a higher return on investment than any other type of advertising used right now.
  • Anyone can drive the car. While most of these cars are driven by the company owner, some drive a specified route by paid drivers. Once a business sees the dramatic effect they make on sales, many companies add one or two cars to their fleet and hire drivers to operate them throughout the day. Common routes include busy grocery store or mall parking lots and streets where there is always a lot of traffic. Wrapped cars are most likely to be seen during lunchtime and rush hour, when more people are on the road.

Business owners who choose this form of advertising have virtually unlimited options. They simply need to design a custom banners in San Antonio and take is to a company like Digital Banner Plus, to have the wrap created and installed on their car. The banner should be original enough so that potential customers take notice and don’t assume it’s for a different company. An expert designer can help a company create the perfect banner for their one car or fleet. Once installed, all a company has to do is choose a route and drive their car. Understanding this is the most effective type of outdoor signage in San Antonio, most companies drive their wrapped cars throughout the day.

Mobile marketing is still a relatively new concept and the local regulations may evolve as more and more companies use this form of advertising. It’s important to use a reputable company for installation of these wraps to ensure they fall within the current legal guidelines. Having a driver get a ticket and needing to get the wrap removed because it violates a local ordinance can really reduce the ROI for this type of advertising. Choosing an experienced company should alleviate those concerns and allow the company to focus on serving the large number of new customers they’ll have once they get their wrapped car on the road.


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