Specialty Printing turns your art into cutting-edge and unusual displays

Our specialty printing offers innovative and non-traditional ways to display your artwork and branding. We print on all sorts of unusual substrates, from metal to tile and brick. Canvas photo prints are also available as well as printing on archival paper. Let Digital Banners Plus create the perfect special showcase for your project.

Specialty Canvas


Canvas allows your photo or artwork to have a more classic look and allows for wrapping picture around edges and other professional finishes. Printing on a canvas creates more detail, texture and dimension to your graphics for a more engaging experience. Create a custom stylish and classy canvas print for your business for a more striking image. We print high-resolution images that can be used for marketing, art exhibits, museums and galleries.

Archival Paper

Also known as museum quality, archival paper prints are a special blend of papers and process that keeps your artwork from yellowing or aging. It assures that your art or photos will last generations when stored and cared for correctly. It all starts with printing on the right paper.

Ideal for photographers and artist that have high-resolution master copies that they want to sell as prints or use for exhibitions.

Specialty Archival
Specialty Tile


Porous ceramic makes a unique base for printing and allows your art or designs to be presented or installed in an interesting way.

This example is a drawing of the Alamo Chapel printed on a limestone tile with much the same texture of the actual building. This  provides viewers another level of understanding and context even if they have never visited the actual building in San Antonio.


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