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Ready to get creative with your vehicle? Why not try wrapping your truck or SUV? Recently, a growing number of people have experienced the benefits of wrapping their San Antonio vehicles.

Vehicle wrapping has gone from something mainly done by businesses with fleet trucks to consumers and business owners using it in on their cars, trucks, and SUVs. The trend started about two decades ago in Europe with taxi cars. Wrapping a car in vinyl went from German taxi cars to starting a completely new industry.

We specialize in wrapping SUV and trucks in the San Antonio area. However, if you are curious about where it all started, keep reading.

A History of Vehicle Wrapping

Vinyl used to be in short supply. Now you can find vinyl just about anywhere. Car wrapping technicians use this material to cover cars, trucks, and SUVs with a variety of unique designs and colors. This material is also in several products as an alternative to plastic. Where did vinyl originate? The Goodrich Corporation accidentally created vinyl chloride, and once they were aware of how useful this material was, vinyl spread quickly starting a huge industry for mobile advertisement.

In 1993 the German distributor of Kay Premium Marking Films requested vinyl to use for wrapping German taxis in beige which was required by law. This technique became popular because they could completely wrap taxis in a beige color, and once the vehicle was no longer used as a taxi, remove the vinyl to reveal the original color of the car. A complete vinyl wrap also protected the original paint while it the vehicle was used as a taxi.

This means your SUV or truck could have a better retail value – saving your company money by not having to repaint your vehicles.

A New Way to Wrap

In the 1980s, people began to advertise on commercial vehicles and personal vehicles. This happened because the cost for vinyl decreased making it affordable for mass production. Improvements in vinyl technology continued, and now, thanks to piezoelectric inkjet printers, huge format graphics for larger vehicles such as trucks and SUVs is a reality. Also, computers that could produce incredible art work and graphics helped make high-quality artwork out of ordinary trucks and SUVs a possibility

Vehicle graphics used to mean painting the door of a truck and then adding a logo. Since the invention of complete vehicle wraps, the old days of die-cut lettering and custom painting are over.

Perfect for Your Truck or SUV

Nowadays, there are many benefits to wrapping your truck or SUV. Maybe you want a new color, or perhaps it is for advertisement purposes. With vinyl wrapping, businesses of all sizes can create a unique message or design on their vehicles without damaging it.

Today, car wrapping offers more options than ever before.  You can choose from finishes such as matte, gloss, multicolor and gloss. We even offer lighted and reflective vinyl. With today’s technology, your SUV or truck can likely be as creative as you can imagine.

High-Quality San Antonio Vehicle Wrapping

Are you ready for a one of a kind design for your personal or company SUV or truck? We offer a variety of cost effective designs and styles that you are guaranteed to love!

Looking for inspiration? Check out these great examples of some of our vehicle wraps in San Antonio. Our professionals apply heavy-duty 3M formula vinyl that to your SUV or truck for a flawless look and durable finish. Have questions? We’d love to answer any of your questions because we put our customers first. Ready to get started? Give us a call or fill out the convenient form on the Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you!


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