Custom vehicle wraps for any size

We cover Cars, Trucks, SUV's, Vans, & Boats

Free Pickup and Delivery for San Antonio

Digital Banners Plus offers the convenience of free pickup and delivery in the San Antonio area for vehicle wraps, contact us today to find out more.

Quality Vinyl Printing

Vehicle wraps are professional grade vinyl with “air release” technology that adheres to the automotive paint without abusive adhesives. We use only the highest quality brand names to assure the greatest end product and protect the warranty of your vehicles for years to come.

Attention to Detail

We use Knifeless™ tape and other products to prevent cutting on top of paint and clear coat. We put great care into the installation to make it simple for removal and preserve the long-term resale value of your vehicle.

Lasting Durability

Clear laminates help preserve the integrity of your wrapping project especially for printed wraps. They can also add unique looks like matte, glossy or reflective making your wrap even more stunning and weather durable.

Custom Vehicle Wraps

We have a full staff of designers that can work with you to make truly unique and one-of-a-kind graphic masterpieces for your vans, trucks and fleets. Full wraps, half and 1/3 wraps are most popular. Logos or one-color lettering are also available.

Perforated Car Window Wraps

Perforated car vinyl can follow the overall car wrap or simply be used by itself to promote your company, brand or contact info in a way that still makes the vehicle safe viewing from inside and legal on the road. We provide both 30% and 50% visibility and with and without laminate.

Decals and Lettering

We can do any decal or lettering job. We offer everything from one-color letters to stickers and decals, including truck safety decals, reflective lines and “how’s my driving” decals. Reflective coating and diamond reflective vinyl can also be provided and installed.

Reflective Lettering (Glow in the dark lettering)

Also called ‘glow-in-the-dark’ lettering, reflective lettering is an additional layer added to the printed wrap to reveal parts of the wrap that you want to be more eye-catching at night. Most commonly used for brand names, phone or websites to add a little flair and style for vehicles driven at night, go to outdoor festivals or are parked near high traffic roads.

Commonly used for law enforcement and rescue vehicles for added visibility.


Our flexXframe rail system uses durable vinyl that does not adhere to the vehicle but locks into tracks. Ideal for short-run promotions and advertising, flexXframe can reduce installation time up to 80%. Great for vehicles with lots of rivets or non-level surfaces as wind flows smoothly between frame and vehicle.

Performance and Camo Wraps and Decals

Performance wraps enable you to personalize your car or truck in unique ways, from full wraps to race stripes or decals.

Popular custom car wrap finishes are: matte, high gloss, carbon fiber look, chrome, brushed metals, wood grain or camouflage.

Ideal for cars, trucks, SUVs, hot rods, motorbikes, ATVs or golf carts.

Marine Wraps

Don’t leave your boat or watercraft behind. Get marine wraps for your boat, pontoon or jet ski and trailer. Marine wrap is a more adhesive wrap made to handle large amounts of time in water and the rigors of seawater.

Get your truck, boat and trailer wrapped to match for a great and impressive time on the docks this summer.

Did You Know Banks Finance Vehicle Wraps?

Many banks will give very favorable loans against vehicle wraps as they know the importance of advertising and it has proven to get such great ROI. Home delivery/house-calls or vehicles always on the read and in high-trafficked areas get the best returns.


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