It’s Summer… Let’s talk boat wraps

Word Series of Bass Boat Wrap‘Tis the season to venture out to the lake, river and coast… Fresh caught fish and cold beers are the makings of a great weekend. The only thing that could make it better is showing your boat a little love with a fresh new look – and people have definitely been doing so with beautiful boat wraps.

I just got back from an amazing 4th of July vacation at our family’s lake house. It was bittersweet as it was my last visit to the lakehouse I’ve spent summers at since childhood. It was a great time on the water nonetheless and I know that when it goes on the market the family who buys it will definitely enjoy boating and swimming there as much as I did. While I was enjoying nice lake breezes, lapping waves and good barbeque, I took notice of some really great looking boat wraps, golf cart wraps and truck wraps. I also noticed some boats and cars that could use a good face-lift.

In 30+ years of visiting I cannot remember seeing more wrapped boats, trailers and jet skis on the water than this summer. I guess that’s what you call a trend! The local yacht club, marina and fishing guides have all branded their boats with some really sleek commercial graphic wraps. I saw wakeboarders, skiers and tubers pulled behind sporty looking ski boats with loud music and loud colored wraps as well as mellow groups of lake goers cruising around on their pontoons complete with their boat name in vinyl. Of course the looks of the fishing boats, flat bottom and otherwise, were mainly camo and rustic – but there were a few competitive fishermen who also sported logos and one even had fish scales and fins. My favorite part of our trip was floating out on the water in our stars-and-stripes wrapped pontoon along with hundreds of others from the lake community to watch the sunset and fireworks on the 4th of July.

S5 Boat WrapSportsmen who fish, wakeboard and jet ski and business owners who give boat tours are all getting in on the marine wrap action. When I stopped by the Marina to buy some commemorative t-shirts I asked one of the employees about the wrapping craze. He got to telling me how the number of wrapped boats and trucks has really blown up. He said the Marina decided to update some of their older but well kept rental boats and jet skis with wraps to help with business and advertise the Marina.

It’s true a boat is an investment and why not keep it looking tip top for a fraction of the cost of buying a newer model? I figured it was a quick fix bandaid that maybe doesn’t last but John from the Marina told me about the 3M boat wraps that they use and apparently they are second to none. He was so passionate about it I felt like he could’ve been a 3M sales rep – he touted how they are totally customizable, easy to care for, durable and installed by 3M preferred graphics installers.

Here’s what I learned while witnessing this costume party of boat wraps: not only are marine wraps cool and stylish, they’re also a smart and fun way to maintain the investment you’ve made in your boat. I guess my family made the right choice when they wrapped the pontoon in stars and stripes. So there’s no reason not to make that older boat you invested in look fresh again. Emblazon her name on her hull or add some graphics. Vinyl boat wraps are a great way to add some character to your favorite water toy or business vessel.




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