Custom car graphics and car magnets

custom car graphics, car magnets

custom car graphics, car magnets

It’s not uncommon to drive down the road and see a car in front or beside you with some kind of car graphics displaying a company logo, phone number, website, or even a social site. A company or personal vehicle is a great way to advertise for little cost. While traveling, why not advertise at the same time? It’s both efficient and effective.

Car graphics can be in the form of decals, vinyl graphics or graphics printed on magnets that stick to your car. The appeal of magnetic graphics is that they are not permanent. If at any time and for any reason you want to remove the advertisement, simply pull the magnet off the car. It is just as easy to place it back on the car.

Graphics for cars is growing in popularity by local businesses all over the country and even the world. It’s cost effective to reach local clients using car graphics. The other advantage of using car decals is the imprint it leaves in the minds of other drivers when they see the design. It’s hard to ignore an attractive full color graphic on the side of a vehicle when you are driving behind it or sitting next to one waiting for the light to change. If the car graphic is designed write, it will be remembered.

One thing to keep in mind when you are designing your car graphics is the color combination. You want to use colors that stand out, and compliment each other. Some advertisers will tell you to use irritating colors like red and orange (maybe not together). Red and Orange, although irritating, really stands out and leaves an impression because they are irritating. Can you think of any famous restaurants that use Red and Orange? Blues and Greens are considered soothing colors. Blues and greens would be suitable for a company that wants to give a calming feeling such as massage therapy or a company selling candles.

It is easy to order customized car graphics. It is ideal to order your graphics through a print company that specializes in printing graphics for cars and has an online editor to make the order process easy. Some printing companies also have graphic designers that can assist you develop beautiful graphics for you vehicle that will complement your brand. So visit a printing company that is experienced in vehicle wraps that will work with you bring your idea to life.


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